Friday, April 25, 2014

Sugar Skull Cat Finished!

I have been assembling the City Sampler quilt. It's not going well. I, for whatever reason, decided to do it in rows instead of chunks and the points are not all lining up. I am like the block queen so this is leaving me quite perturbed. I'm thinking I didn't do a good job of squaring up all 100 blocks. Anyway, I got halfway through it today and put it down for the day. Irritating. 

I did, however, have success with the sugar skull cat and finished it completely. It turned out quite nice: 
Anywho, that is all for now. Thanks for stopping by!


Elvis Lives said...

Cool cat

QueenB said...

Are you saying you are attaching the blocks one to another, instead of sashing as shown in the book? It definitely is irritating when a project is not cooperating. You did a beautiful job with all the blocks, yeah maybe putting it aside for awhile and coming back with a fresh perspective/vision will help. I toyed with the idea of getting that book and starting this, but figured I should finish my other class projects that are calling my name. Cat is interesting! A friend of mine makes small cross stitch (I never could get into it, although I smock and embroider)and makes them into small ornaments. They'd be cute on a year round themed tree. Happy quilting!

Z Any Mouse said...

Love, love your sugar cat skull!

madfabriholic said...

I'm so sorry your blocks aren't cooperating :-( That is always so frustrating. On my last sampler, I had to use sashing to upsize 3 blocks... Your skull kitty is fantastic!