Monday, March 31, 2014

Log Cabin Batik Quilt

I have had this quilt in the cupboard, unfinished, for over two years. I created it as a quilt-as-you-go (QAYG) not really knowing how to do the joining part. I ran out of backing fabric when I had four blocks left and quit. I put it in the cupboard and didn't look at it until the other day.

I could no longer purchase the backing fabric but I found a complimentary fabric and quilted the last four blocks. Then I took a day and few naps to think about how I wanted to finish it. I watched some QAYG videos and dreaded doing all those little strips when I was only planning on hanging this on the wall. So I decided to do a tight zigzag stitch and be done with it. Better than sitting on a shelf.

Here it is minus the binding, plus my feet:


Erin said...

Wow aren't you just going right along! Great job! Love it!

Laura B said...

Great feet! LOL! My daughter's feet have ended up in some of my quilt photos, when she holds the quilts up for me. I think mine have been in a few as well.
Actually, I love the quilt. Congratulations on finishing it.

QueenB said...

Love it! Yes, definitely a nap is always in order to get that inspiration fired up!

Julie said...

Those are such fun bright colors! Great job finishing (or nearly so) something that stored for so long.