Thursday, September 6, 2012


I keep on telling myself I need to post here but it, obviously, hasn't happened.

This year has, hands down, been the most difficult one of my life so far.I write stuff and erase it...then write more...and erase it. I still cannot talk about the difficulties we've faced with our kids this year I guess. I am getting my own help and taking each day at a time. I do talk about it some on Twitter. My handle there is @Tubaville if you partake in the twitter.

We have had some exciting things happen as well.

  • My youngest son's sister had a baby. She is beautiful, five months old and very loved.
  • I learned how to preserve fruits and vegetables using a hot water canner. I am having a great time canning each day. Food from our and our neighbor's gardens is very plentiful this year. I'll add pictures later.
  • We are FINALLY closing on our construction loan on Monday, barring any unforeseen circumstances blocking our way. There have been more days than naught that I've thought building our own home would never happen. Once those papers are signed, it is an all-out race to the finish to get a shell and roof on before first snowfall.

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QueenB said...

Been thinking of you and looking for updates from you. How wonderful your son is an uncle! Praying for your dear family, and strength and wisdom for you and your husband. Exciting big changes for you! I don't know you, and cannot reach out to touch you and be your friend, but when you do not post, you are missed. Hoping you have time to sew and create your beautiful handmade items; I find sewing to be such a cathartic experience and definitely suffer when I do not allow myself that time. Blessings.